Bart Wheels.....Quality Racing Wheels
Stock Car Wheels, IMCA, Wissota, Super Trucker, Mini Stock, Bart Wheels does it all!

     With a background of over 35 years of manufacturing, Bart Wheels can fill your needs. Founded in 1965, Bart Wheels is the oldest and largest race
wheels producer in the USA. From its 200,000 square foot facility in
Chicago, IL, we are a prime producer of wheels for racing, industrial,
agricultural and trailer applications. We supply five options in wheel
diameters from 13" to 16.5" diameters. These rims are rolled on one of 

our three Grotnes rim lines with a daily capacity of 2000 units each. 

Center discs are stamped in our state of the art press room with 21 presses ranging from 200 ton to 3000 ton each. We start with precision cut blanks and form parts into specifically engineered discs for various applications. Once the parts are completed, the wheels are manufactured in our assembly department where each and every wheel is dial indicator checked for radial and lateral runout, to ensure that each and every Bart Wheel meets the precise tolerance demands needed for racing. Once the parts are assembled, they move over to our coating department, where the wheels make their way through a 5 stage cleaning and pretreatment system and up into one of our 6 powder coating booths. Once there, all Bart Wheels are coated with a high impact powder coating and cured in one of our two high temperature baking ovens. The finishing process insures a high quality coating on every wheel. Backing Bart Wheels' products is an engineering staff of technicians qualified to meet specialized customer requirements, and a comprehensive warranty to further insure the reliability of its wheels and components.

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